Summer 2019 Youth Strength & Conditioning Clinic

    MARY’S FITNESS 9TH ANNUAL SUMMER 2019 YOUTH STRENGTH & CONDITIONING CLINIC Open to athletes ages 10 – 16 years old Expect Your Young Athlete to: • Execute Their Game Plan to Achieve a Higher Level of Play! • Rally Momentum to Exceed Expectations! • Increased Power & Stamina to Go Longer • Harness the Power Within your Athlete … Read More

Summer 2019 Youth S&C Clinic

    Early Bird Special: Sign up by April 30th Receive 10% off Mary’s Fitness; LLC Entry Form Name:__________________________    Address: _____________________ Email: __________________________   Phone Number:___________ Emergency Contact: _______________  Emergency Number:___________ Athlete’s Age: ___   M___   F___ Shirt size: Youth: ____   Adult: ____ Circle weeks wanting to attend: Whole Clinic:                          __$380__ First 3 Week Session             __$230__ Second 2 Week Session          … Read More

Essential 5

    The Essential 5

Foods that Affect Cognitive Abilities

    Foods Affecting Cognitive Abilites

Life in Balance

    A Balanced Life Life is a delicate balance that is ever shifting as we make decisions that affect that balance. Whether it’s what we are eating, how we deal with stress, whether to workout or rest, to be healthy or sick, our body constantly tries to achieve a healthy state. How do we achieve a healthy balance? It’s … Read More

Which Do You Choose? A Good Day Or A Bad Day?

    Menu How to Have a “Terrific” Day APPETIZER                  FARE Awaken Early…                              Appreciation for Life Inspirational Reading…                    Good News Immediately Early morning walk or run….       … Read More

Creatine Supplementation: Should You Consider This Supplement?

  Creatine supplementation (CMS) has long been used by athletes and body builders wanting to build muscle mass. But could creatine help in other ways? Creatine helps the human body maintain its supply of ATP (the body’s main source of energy). 95% of total body creatine is found in the skeletal muscle. The other 5% is located in the brain … Read More

Loving Your Vegetables

    We all struggle with getting the recommended number of vegetable servings in our meals every day. Some of us even grapple with just eating vegetables because we don’t like them.Here are some strategies in prepping and loving your vegies. 

4 Foods to Avoid

    1. Canned SoupsCheck the labels carefully. They’re not always so good for you. These typically high-sodium convenience meals can also pack high levels of fat when made with cream bases. Beyond unwanted calories, canned soup also brings unhealthy preservatives. Increase your nutrients by making your own soup from scratch.2. HamThis sodium-filled meat can promote fluid retention, bloating and constipation when consumed … Read More

7 Attitudes to Cultivate Change

    If you are wanting to cultivate your own mindset that will create a healthier lifestyle, fostering these 7 attitudes will help to positively reshape your brain to achieve your long-term, medium-term and short-term goals. No longer does the process of change have to be hard or painful.A – Acceptance of Self – Give yourself a “Clap not a … Read More