Life in Balance

    A Balanced Life Life is a delicate balance that is ever shifting as we make decisions that affect that balance. Whether it’s what we are eating, how we deal with stress, whether to workout or rest, to be healthy or sick, our body constantly tries to achieve a healthy state. How do we achieve a healthy balance? It’s … Read More

Which Do You Choose? A Good Day Or A Bad Day?

    Menu How to Have a “Terrific” Day APPETIZER                  FARE Awaken Early…                              Appreciation for Life Inspirational Reading…                    Good News Immediately Early morning walk or run….       … Read More

7 Attitudes to Cultivate Change

    If you are wanting to cultivate your own mindset that will create a healthier lifestyle, fostering these 7 attitudes will help to positively reshape your brain to achieve your long-term, medium-term and short-term goals. No longer does the process of change have to be hard or painful.A – Acceptance of Self – Give yourself a “Clap not a … Read More

Positive Attitude

    Everyday you have an important choice to make upon awaking. Only you have the ability to choose to have a positive attitude or a negative one as you deal with life’s events.Being optimistic can counteract the negative impact stress, tension and anxiety has on your immune system and well-being. Having a negative attitude only sets you up for … Read More


    If you want to live a long and healthy life, you should not only emphasize getting enough exercise and eating a healthy diet, but include getting good quality sleep. Though each person varies, most people need around eight hours of sleep a night. A few people may function on as little as five hours while others may need … Read More

Massage Therapy

When pursuing a healthier life, many of us look to eating healthier, getting more exercise, and losing weight. In this ever increasing fast paced world, most of us don’t realize that we need to look for ways to teach our bodies to slow down. The stress of living in the world today affects every aspect of our lives, from sleep … Read More