Life in Balance

Life is a delicate balance that is ever shifting as we make decisions that affect that balance. Whether it’s what we are eating, how we deal with stress, whether to workout or rest, to be healthy or sick, our body constantly tries to achieve a healthy state. How do we achieve a healthy balance? It’s quite obvious when we are … Read More

Which Do You Choose? A Good Day Or A Bad Day?

How to Have a “Terrific” Day APPETIZER                  FARE Awaken Early…                              Appreciation for Life Inspirational Reading…                    Good News Immediately Early morning walk or run….             … Read More

7 Attitudes to Cultivate Change

If you are wanting to cultivate your own mindset that will create a healthier lifestyle, fostering these 7 attitudes will help to positively reshape your brain to achieve your long-term, medium-term and short-term goals. No longer does the process of change have to be hard or painful.