Summer 2019 Youth Strength & Conditioning Clinic

    MARY’S FITNESS 9TH ANNUAL SUMMER 2019 YOUTH STRENGTH & CONDITIONING CLINIC Open to athletes ages 10 – 16 years old Expect Your Young Athlete to: • Execute Their Game Plan to Achieve a Higher Level of Play! • Rally Momentum to Exceed Expectations! • Increased Power & Stamina to Go Longer • Harness the Power Within your Athlete … Read More

Summer 2019 Youth S&C Clinic

    Early Bird Special: Sign up by April 30th Receive 10% off Mary’s Fitness; LLC Entry Form Name:__________________________    Address: _____________________ Email: __________________________   Phone Number:___________ Emergency Contact: _______________  Emergency Number:___________ Athlete’s Age: ___   M___   F___ Shirt size: Youth: ____   Adult: ____ Circle weeks wanting to attend: Whole Clinic:                          __$380__ First 3 Week Session             __$230__ Second 2 Week Session          … Read More

Essential 5

    The Essential 5

Strength Training Benefits

    It is no secret that strength training is an important part of achieving and maintaining good health. Look at all the research and articles that have been done over the last 25 years and you will see that strength training provides huge healthful benefits.Though most people consider men to be stronger than women, men have greater absolute strength, … Read More

Personal Trainer ~ What To Look For

    When you consider hiring a personal trainer to help you with your fitness or sports goals, there are several things to consider. There are literally hundreds of fitness certifications out there. Someone could buy a personal trainer certification on line and become a “certified” personal trainer after paying a nominal fee and passing a test. There are weekend … Read More