Personal Training

If you are looking for real results from your exercise program, then knowing what to do, knowing how to do exercises properly and knowing how hard to push yourself can be difficult on your own.

As your personal trainer, I believe the key to your success is focusing on your needs and abilities and designing an exercise program to help you achieve your dreams.

In addition to 50-minute training sessions I also offer 30-minute personal training sessions. This helps you if you are just beginning and severely out of shape or time-crunched and trying to squeeze in a great workout.

30-minute workouts are also great If you want to get a jump-start on your fitness and combine the benefits of working with a trainer with doing some “extra” work on your own.

Personal trainer working with client.

One On One

With One on One training your sessions are customized to your individual needs and goals. I will ensure you are performing exercises correctly and efficiently, in order to maximize your results.

30 Minute One on One Sessions
1 Session $60

50 Minute One on One Training
1 Session $85


Partner training may be just what you need to achieve your exercise goals. I will help you train at the right pace and ensure that neither of you push yourselves so hard that you burn out before achieving your goals.

50 Minute Partner Training

1 Session $60 per person

30 Minute Partner Training

1 Session $40 per person


Having a three to four people with similar fitness, health and/or weight loss goals will give you just the right amount of support, encouragement and sense of community you need so you can focus on what you want to accomplish.

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Patrick Cunningham is an NSCA CSCS personal Trainer who works out of Mary's Fitness. use the attatched link to access his personal training information.

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You must Shrink the Size of your BUT"