Small Group Training

Because of COVID-19, Group Training is limited to 12 people per class offering. Workouts are set up to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. You are encouraged to sanitize when your workout is complete.

Small group training is quickly gaining popularity because it is an affordable, fun way for people to take advantage of a personal trainer’s knowledge all while keeping the fun and competitiveness of a group setting. Small Group Training will give you just the right amount of encouragement you need to get up and get active.

Access to a personal trainer will keep you on track with your goals. A safe and effective workout with like minded people is just the thing to keep you motivated and accountable. Challenging, fun and creates a spirit of friendship.

Small group training workout.

Boot Camp

Take advantage of working with a personal trainer in a group setting to maximize fat loss and get lean and toned. This high energy workout not only is challenging but FUN!

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More than 90 percent of people come to yoga for flexibility, stress relief, health, and physical fitness.

They stay for self-reflection, practice of kindness and self-compassion.

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Active Aging

Fun. Social. Engaging. Energizing. Age appropriate exercise programs aimed at improving balance, agility, strength, flexibility, stamina and core stability and strength. For those 55 years of age and older.

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