Active Aging

Benefits of the active aging membership:

  • MWF 8am – 11 am. (Mary’s Fitness studio will be accessible to you, come anytime during those hours to workout).
  • Energizing age appropriate exercise programs (a station workout will be set up, allowing you to get a well rounded workout…… or you can do your own workout).
  • Fun, social environment (I will be available to assist you, but may have clients I will be working with during those hours. If you require extra assistance, you may have to schedule a personal training session with me!)
  • Woo hoo! the Friday 8am stretching class will still be ongoing,  leading you through a 45 minute flexibility program.
  • Open to anyone 55 years of age or older.

MWF 8am – 11 am
$70 per month or $20 drop-in fee

Active aging senior workout.

"Even if You are on the Right Track You'll get Run Over if you Just Sit Still."