Specialty Training

Awaken to your Potential

Begins January, 2021

A 4-month program offered online, to help you with healthy nutrition, proper physical activity for you, getting your mind right, exploring what is holding you back and unleashing your potential.

Included in this Program

Finding Peace & Purpose with the chaotic, complicated and unpredictable day to day life

Awaken to Nutrition
Discover the Where, How, When, What & Why of Eating.

Awaken to Physical Activity
Uncover the What, When, Why & much more of activities best for you.

Awaken to a Playbook for Wholehearted Living
Most of us are on the defense during the day.
Reacting to what is thrown at us. 
Learn how to be on the offense 
Find your focus, joy and purpose.
Pursue what you want in life.


    is being offered for the first time.

    Be one of the founding members.

    4 month program:
    Regularly $2500.....
    Founding member price $1700.
    $800 Savings
    (Sign up for the full 4 month course,
    receive post-program retreat for free. $500 value)

    ONLY 9 spots available to purchase 4 months & receive the retreat for free.

    This retreat will happen in the first part of May.
    One & a Half days in either Grand Lake or Estes Park.
    Come together with others who have taken the journey with you and discover how to take what you have learned to create a wholehearted life.

    Don't want to commit to the 4 months? 

    Buy 1 month at a time.
    Regularly $625 per month....
    Founding member price $500 per month.

    Awaken to Your Potential- Founders

    Functional movement assessment.

    Youth Strength & Conditioning Clinic

    Summer 2021 Youth Strength & Conditioning Clinic

    Dates & Details for Summer 2021 will be available March, 2021.

    Open to kids 12 – 17 years old.                                   

    •  Execute Your Game Plan to Achieve a Higher Level of Play!
    • Rally Momentum to Exceed Expectations!
    • Increased Power & Stamina to Go Longer
    • Harness the Power Within YOU
    • Amplify Body Awareness to Enhance Stability
    • Perform Better with Less Injury
    • 2 Days a Week in the Studio for Strength and Core
    • 2 Days a Week Outside with Running & Drills

    "Everything is hard before it becomes easy."


    Reduce your risk of injury by 3.5 times by learning how to move right!

    • What if there was a way you could train to reduce the incidence of injury, aches and pains with movement.
    • What if you could improve performance, power and strength in the sport you love.
    • Do you find yourself limited in performing activities of daily living?
    • Do you find that you can’t break through that plateau to achieve the next level in sports performance?
    • Do you find that limitations in movement keep you from pursuing activity?

    Building a strong foundation of good functional movement will help you achieve all of the above! You can have amazing breakthroughs in fitness, sport, performance and in life.

    See huge improvements in movement, strength, reduction of painful movement and general feelings of well being!

    Focused on evaluating movement patterns and using corrective exercise strategies to improve movement and function while reducing the incidence of injury and enhancing performance.

    Functional Movement Assessment     $80

    Corrective Exercise sessions $85 for 50 minutes