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Webinar: Exorcise Your Nutrition Demons

Sunday, February 21, 2021       1:30pm


90 minute exploration into the psychology of your nutrition.

  • Who influenced you in your eating habits?
  • How was your belief system set up for eating nutritiously?
  • What is the best diet for you?
  • What are your Positive & Negative feelings about food & meal prep?
  • What beliefs about nutrition that no longer serve you?
  • Finding way to make nutritious meal prepping and consumption a gift rather than a chore.

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COVID-19 Update: Please wear a mask when entering the studio. Once you start working out, you have the option to remove your mask. Please put your mask back on when you get ready to leave.

Also, please carry your indoor workout shoes into the studio. Indoor workout shoes ONLY on the workout floor.

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Personal Training

The key to your success is a personal trainer who can design an exercise program that focuses on your individual needs and abilities.

Learn to exercise correctly and efficiently, maximize results!

One On One, Partner and Team

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Personal Training one on one

Small Group Training

Small group training gears the workout toward 6–12 people working individually and together to reach a common goal: finish strong, give your best!

Get going and Get motivated!

Boot Camps, Yoga, Active Aging

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Specialty Training

Awaken to Your Potential  - A 4-month program to help women live their best life yet!

Functional Movement

Youth Strength and Conditioning

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Why Mary's Fitness?

Results-driven programming to help you:

  • Lose weight
  • Lose fat
  • Gain muscle
  • Improve sports performance
  • Strategies on a healthy nutrition plan
  • Perform Better with Less Injury
  • Increase your power & stamina

Cutting edge exercises, nutrition and programing:

  • Over 30 years of personal training and nutrition coaching
  • NSCA CSCS Certification
  • Safe, effective programs to fit individual needs
  • Platinum Certification for Training
  • Advanced Rehab Specialist
  • Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Total support. I can help you:

  • Overcome fear
  • Remove obstacles
  • Deal with the excuses
  • Develop your ideal body
  • Reach your goals
  • Achieve a higher state of wellness
  • Find the FUN in exercise

Coming from private clubs to the 'Big Box' gyms I have developed:

  • A keen understanding of customer service
  • A proper progression of exercise based on age and ability
  • Corrective exercises after injury
  • Unintimidating way of programing exercise

Personal Training is your BEST option for maximum results!

"By taking into account your individual physical history, goals and needs, time limitations, likes and dislikes, physical capabilities, health, age and travel schedule I can create an individualized program that will keep you consistent and progressing toward your goals."


What People Are Saying!

Lara and Rachel love Mary's Fitness

"Working with Mary has given Rachel the strength she needed to take her swimming to the next level and qualify for national meets.

Mary’s knowledge and her desire to help each athlete with their individual needs is what keeps my family coming back to Mary’s Fitness.

You can tell that this isn’t just a job for Mary, this is her calling in life!"

~ Lara ~

CJ's first triathlon

After getting breast cancer and surviving a year of surgeries and chemo I knew I had to pick myself up and do something epic to celebrate. At the age of fifty-seven I decided I would compete in my first triathlon!

In six months time, Mary not only got me into the best shape of my life but also was there to encourage me during the times of my self doubt.

Mary is the real deal personal trainer and one of the most compassionate people I have ever met!

~ CJ ~

Rob exercising with weights.

In 2015, a health crisis and a need for a lifestyle change brought me to Mary’s Fitness. Though my stubbornness in making changes initially kept me from making much progress, I finally bought into Mary’s philosophies on nutrition and fitness, and the work is finally paying off.

Thanks to Mary’s unwavering commitment, I have lost 30 pounds, decreased my body fat by 7%, and stopped taking my cholesterol medication. While heading in the right direction there is more work to be done. Sorry Mary, you can’t get rid of me yet!

Rob M

Anne Marie high fives trainer.

I get the biggest kick when I see real world application from my workouts. The ability to easily lift a carry-on bag  into the overhead compartment of the airplane- Thank you Mary!

Hauling the extra dining room chairs up from the basement without being winded - Thank you Mary!

Catching my balance when I slip on some black ice - Thank you Mary!

She wears me out but I don't begrudge her a single burpee. And I HATE burpees.

~ Anne Marie ~

"Most of the new clients I see have been disillusioned by the inappropriate exercise selections for their age group. Some have been injured because of too much, too soon or the intimidating atmosphere of larger gyms."


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